Monday, December 29, 2014

Walk To White Rock

White Rock in the background -- Dec. 26, 2014

A bunch of us walked to White Rock on the day after Christmas. Our walk was a repeat of our hike to White Rock (the rock, out on the Shoal) last year, but this year we had to stay on the shore since there is no ice on White Rock Shoal.

The town of White Rock is one mile south of our lake house and so we walked to White Rock (the town) along M-25 on a cold and sunny day. Here we are on the lookout on the base of the stairs at the roadside park just south of the junction of M-25 and Atwater Road.

Walking on the ice toward White Rock -- Dec. 26, 2013

Lake Huron was so iced over last Christmas that we could walk on the ice out for about a half mile. This year the water levels have been up since the start of the summer and the temperatures have been moderate, so there is no snow and no ice.

What a difference a year can make.

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