Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Quilts Day Four: I'm Pining For Christmas

Fourth in a series of five blog posts about Christmas quilts, today's post is about a quilt with wool batting.

This little quilt, finished in 1992, has wool batting from the sheep that we once raised on Graywood Farm. Hand stitching through a wool batt is like stitching through butter; the needle and thread glide effortlessly.

The quilt is a single Irish chain with a pine tree block in the center of each chain. I am thinking that I used cardboard templates to cut the blocks, which would mean that this quilt predates my ability to use a rotary cutter.

It is hand quilted with stitches tracing the outline of each tree and forming a gentle curve in the border fabric. My cutting skills may have been minimal, but I was working toward even hand stitches in my finishing work.

The label on the back of this quilt names the quilt as "I'm Pining For Christmas," a very apt name for a precious little quilt.

Tomorrow's quilt -- a tree block from my Mom and sister quilts.

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