Friday, December 12, 2014

Artwork: Aloe in Black & White

"Sharon, can you give me some tips for doing scratch board?" I pulled a chair up next to my table partner at art class and listened while she gave me tips on how to get started with this new technique. 

You start with a piece of lightweight board that is coated with white clay and black India ink. Then you sketch or trace a drawing or photo onto the board and, using a pointed tool or the top of an exacto knife, you scratch in lines so as to make the drawing come to life. 

So for several days, working a few minutes at a time, I have been scratching away at an aloe outline that I traced using a photo. The spikey stems with spines are emerging from the black surface. I know that some of the white is too white already and I know that there is no reversing all of that white. But I'm not concerned about that because this is a learning process and a first attempt at scratchboard's contrasty look.  

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