Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas Quilts Day Five: Winter Pines and Sister Quilts

Fifth in a series of five blog posts about Christmas quilts, today's post is about quilt with pine tree blocks. 

During the years that I owned a quilt shop I had to give up the idea of ever finishing many of the quilt projects that I started. Part of the energy of selling quilt fabrics comes from always having something new coming into the shop, and so I had to be moving on to the next best thing, even if that meant putting really cool quilt ideas and projects aside.

I did manage to complete one quilt and that is my "Winter Pines" quilt. The tree blocks in this quilt were cut using a tool called Easy Angle that my mother enjoyed using. I saw how much she enjoyed making pine tree blocks with the tool and sewed some blocks of my own.

Those blocks ended up in this quilt. Several of my friends also made the exact same quilt using the same tool. Their quilts were finished way before my quilt was done. I know that Carol Bain and Gloria Bush are enjoying their winter pine tree quilts year after year, and I consider their pine tree quilts as "sister" quilts to my quilt.

I used red quilting thread in the loops that arch through the trees in this quilt. It is entirely hand quilted, by me, and is one of the quilts that links me to my quilting sisters, those many friends who came to the quilt shop and sewed right along with me.

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