Friday, December 19, 2014

Maple Scones

I'm loving the New York Times new approach to categorizing recipes. Today I made the Maple Scones from the NYT cooking app for the second time. This time I really got it right.

The butter was cold and cut into the flour mixture smoothly. The wet ingredients (maple syrup, an egg, some buttermilk) took up into the dry ingredients so that the dough formed and cleaned the bowl easily.

A touch of kneading, some shaping, and the scones were in the oven. They came out golden brown, just like the recipe says. The scones were tender, that kind of melt in your mouth tender.

The house smelled of maple and butter, a great northern scent that takes me back to Wisconsin dairy farms where there would be 20 head of Holsteins milked twice a day, and a woodlot down along the creek where the maples were tapped in early spring.

Maple syrup and butter. Some baking time.

Good food has more than taste; it connects us to the land and to memories.

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