Thursday, October 9, 2014

Welcome Citizen

One of the joys of being a part of a quilting group is the opportunity to make a quilt block for a special occasion. Last week, one of the members of our group became a United States Citizen. The group quickly mobilized and came up with a gift block strategy.

"Make a block, any block, any size, but be sure to used red, white, and blue. Oh, and it is okay to throw in a gold for a star, if you need to," was the word that went around the group.

I sewed an American flag block with a blue and white star to represent the field of stars. Others made star blocks, a log cabin block, and blocks with patriotic prints. Since our friend, Avril, now has dual citizenship, Irish and American, there was one block with both the Irish flag and the United States flag.

Quilter Avril was delighted with the collection of blocks, blocks that say, in a very tangible way, "Welcome, Citizen!"

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