Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Eclipse Magic

A cornfield silhouetted against the sky. The full moon in eclipse. Two great images from that last two days. I took the photo of the cornfield on Tuesday evening as the full moon rose in the eastern sky.

But I really liked this image of the moon in full eclipse that I took this morning. So. . .I merged the two photos, one of the cornfield and one of the moon, into the first image that you see in this post.

And this image, the eclipsed moon with pine tree silhouettes, was taken around 7 am this morning. The moon was setting in the west and the sky was turning lighter as the sun came close to the horizon. The blue of the sky with the red orange moon and the dark trees combined to create this once-in-several-years image.

Lastly, here's the cornfield with the overexposed full moon. I will confess to doing some digital fiddling to replace this uninteresting white disk with the eclipsed moon. Let's just call it eclipse magic.

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