Friday, October 17, 2014

Just A Handful

The Fall Gold raspberry bushes in my garden are producing big yellow berries with a hint of blush pink this fall. There aren't a lot of berries. Yesterday I picked a handful.

I took those few berries and washed them. Then I stirred them into some cranberries. I always keep a mason jar of cranberries in the frig. I like them on yogurt and use the simple recipe on the back of the Ocean Spray package (using less sugar) to fill the jar about once a month.

Greek yogurt (I like the honey flavor) topped with that handful of raspberries and the staunch cranberries made a luscious addition to breakfast.

Still, it was just a handful of berries.

I like that metaphor of how just a few of something can change everything.

Just a handful of people, a few thoughts, a bit of money, a couple of votes, scattered prayers, a few berries. All in time, a handful adds up to something good and delicious.

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