Thursday, October 23, 2014

MSU Campus Gingkoes

The Michigan state campus is a veritable arboretum that glows with the warmth of color on the fall. My eye always goes toward the golden ginkgoes with their fan shaped leaves and upright central trunks. 

Near the stadium rows of ginkgoes line the parking lots and surround Munn Field where the band practices. The shape of the leaves and the way they are clustered  on the branches give a lace-like effect to the ginkgo tree. The golden yellow, sort of a maize yellow, stand out against the blue sky. 

Oh, wait! It's the week of the Michigan State versus Michigan football game, that huge rivalry between the green and white Spartans and the maize and blue Wolverines. How interesting that the maize and blue has appeared in the fall colors on campus this week. Somehow Mother Nature is tweeking Spartan sensibilities with her Ann Arbor-ish color combinations. 

That's okay. This is the years that Sparty will probably prevail in the big stadium surrounded here and there by the golden ginkgoes. 

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