Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Tech Tip: Green (Or Red) Dot

Those doggone polarized plugs, you know, the ones that you almost always get the plug in the wrong position and so you have to rotate it in your hand, quite uncomfortably? Well, here's a tech tip that involves green or red nail polish. Put a dot on the upper face of the plug and you can always aim that plug at the socket the right way.

Micro USB plugs have the same characteristic, only they are so very small to see clearly. Now I mark my devices (Kindle here) with a dot of nail polish and I'm ready to go.

My little tech tip doesn't even save me a minute of time each day. What it does save me is the frustration of playing 50-50 with electrical outlets and teeny, tiny plugins.

I use red or green for these dots, but, come to think of it, nail enamel comes in some pretty cool colors. I may have to haunt the cosmetic aisles this October and find some really weird shades for my tech dots.

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