Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Wimp in the Desert

I'm a wimp. Ed headed back to Michigan and I stayed in the desert. I took a look at the class schedule at the Art Institute at Arizona Sonora Desert Museum and decided to get two more classes under my belt before I head back to cold weather country.

That's my excuse for avoiding this polar vortex experience that most of the U. S. is dealing with this week. The temperatures have been close to freezing for several nights here, but that's not even a talking point when you consider that back home zero seems like a warm front.

The Wimp is enjoying some more art classes. I'm finally taking watercolor and learning some pen and ink techniques. Both classes are required courses for the Nature Illustration Certificate Program that the Art Institute offers and when I finish these two, I will have five of twelve required classes done.

I'm surprising myself with how much I like doing art. On a whim, I took the Composition class two winters ago. I figured that after 15 or so years of designing quilts and writing for the quilting industry, it would be interesting to see design through the eyes of the art world. I liked it so much that I thought I would try some basics -- sketching and perspective work. That hooked me and I'm on my way through a program designed with intentionality and challenge.

So taking classes is a pretty good thing for the wimp in the desert who is learning during these winter months away from the Midwest.

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