Monday, January 27, 2014

Sewing Machine Still Life and Something Horsey

The iron base for a Singer sewing machine, topped by weathered boards, makes an interesting centerpiece in this garden still life. Photographed in an outdoor courtyard at the DeGrazia Gallery in the Sun on Swan Road in Tucson, the old Singer ironwork brings a rusty brown accent to the charm of the gravel paths, cactus collections, and antique accents in this dappled by shade, yet sunny courtyard space.

The garden contained many found objects -- old band instruments, cooking pots, machine gears, kitchen tools -- that survive in the desert climate. Many of these items, especially those made of wood and metal, would deteriorate fast in the wet, cold climate of northern gardens.

Speaking of found objects, this decorative screen that hangs from the eave of a small building on the DeGrazia Gallery grounds is made from metal chain mesh and has horseshoes woven through the links.

Kind of a cross between a wind object and lattice, it is a very artsy object and might be an inspiration for some of my horse loving blog readers who are also gardeners.

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