Thursday, January 2, 2014

Non-TV Rose Parade Moments

Television can't cover it all, I'm sure. These two guys got married on Orange Grove Avenue in Pasadena, right in front of the grandstand where we were sitting for the Rose Parade. It was exciting to see that the crowd was with them. No faces that betrayed negative emotions, just people happy to see a happy moment in the life of two people witnessing their love for each other on New Year's Day.

I knew from watching my Twitter account that the protestors would be out in legion at the end of the parade. The anti-frackers, the Occupy Something, the Jesus Saves people, and lots more became a colorful band of sisters and brothers who marched to a different drummer. One guy was carrying a sign that read something like "Jesus is against sin." Someone nearby us read the sign aloud and then commented to the crowd, "Wow, Jesus is against sin. Who would have ever thought of that!"

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