Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Grapefruit Trick

Peeling and sectioning a grapefruit, in my opinion, takes patience and skill with a knife. My mother was an expert and would have several grapefruit ready for the table before I could get one cut open.

I've learned a little trick that I think works pretty good. After removing the peel from the grapefruit, I slice off a bit of both "poles" of the grapefruit orb. This frees up the sections so that as I slip a knife under the membrane, the knife pokes out the other side of the fruit and the section is more apt to emerge in a crescent shape.

I know. It's a small thing, but gee, when you like grapefruit, every little trick in the book helps.


  1. Oo oo! I'm back from my monthly Costco run with a giant bag of grapefruit. Guess what trick I'll be trying this evening as I peel my grapefruit? Thanks Sis! Do you know the pomengranate water trick?

  2. Another little trick that might work in peeling grapefruit is to take the peel off and then walk away from the citrus for 20-30 minutes. Give the membranes time to dry out and stiffen a bit. Sometimes the sections come away cleaner.

    This seems to work in a dry climate, Heidi! I have to try this back in Michigan.