Thursday, January 30, 2014

Shower Hangout

We did a Google Plus Hangout this evening as a after-the-wedding shower for my niece Karen and her husband Josh who were married the week after Christmas. They live in Florida. I'm in Arizona. The guests at the shower were back in Michigan. That's me at my computer in Arizona in the photo above.

Early this month I sent invitations out to the guests. It was pretty straightforward.

Send 'em a gift. Wish them well. And, oh, by the way, join us on a Google Plus Hangout on Thursday, January 30th.

Several of us got together on Google Plus over the weekend, just to practice the clicks and clacks. So, tonight, Karen and Josh were feted by Wanda and Ed, Sue, Barb, Lori, and MJ. We had a jolly good time on our video hangout.

Karen and Josh told us about their honeymoon flu, which they picked up on the day of their wedding. They opened their gifts. We played around with the digital party hats and mustaches and cake that are a part of the hangout app. And, best of all, we got to see each other and visit for an hour or so.

So, how does all this Hangout stuff work?

Well, you have to be signed in to Google Plus which means you might need a Gmail account (which you already have if you have ever had a Droid phone). Then you need to download the Google Voice and Video setup located HERE.

Once I knew who would be on the video call, I added them to a circle on my Google Plus page. Ten minutes before the time of the shower, I opened Google Hangouts on my computer and  issued an invitation to the participants. They received an email with a link to the Hangout. They click on that link, and -- presto -- we are all video chatting together.

In the second photo you can see Karen and Josh on the screen. Look closer and find the small screens on the bottom right. Those screens are the rest of the people on the call.

Very cool. Very fun. Not really that difficult to accomplish, even for a non-techie aunt like me.

Happy Shower, Karen and Josh! It's great to know you are doing well as a married pair!

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