Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Viridian Joule

I have always thought that a really cool job to have would be working for a company like Sherwin Williams in their paint-naming department. It is so much fun to browse the color chip cards at a hardware store. Green isn't green. It is Lemongrass. Red is Stoplight. Blue is Azure Cloud.

The last time we painted the east sitting room in the farmhouse I chose a soft green called Baby Turtle. I really like the color but I think I like the name of the color even more.

My Chevy Volt's color is Viridian Joule, a sort of gray with a touch of green. General Motors staffers put lots of thought into the Volt, including this color name. It's a great bow to electricity (the joule is a unit of energy) and to green energy.

So here's my Chevy Volt, parked facing Lake Michigan, not too far away from the Big Mac Bridge. My Volt's viridian hue shows up in this photo taken in the hour before sunset.

By the way, while in Wisconsin last week, I mentioned to a someone that I would "drive to the Bridge and then Ed would drive the rest of the way home."

"What bridge?" she said.

Silly me, I'm such a Michiganian that I forgot to say "the Mackinac Bridge."

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Wanda Hayes Eichler

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