Friday, June 29, 2012

Sister Roses


A new plant joined the Dortmund Sisters along the split rail fence at the lakehouse this summer. Readers of this blog will recall that there are six Dortmund climbing roses, named for my five sisters and me, that are twining their way along the fenceline. 

This year a seventh rose has been added to the lineup. This rose honors my brother's wife, Nancy. I have been watching for a Fourth of July rose, also a climber, thinking that the patriotic name of the rose would be a good link to Nancy's career as a diplomat.

Instead we found a Queen Elizabeth rose, a lovely medium pink grandiflora, that has become the Nancy rose at Cedar Bluff. The photo shows all seven roses -- left to right; Carla, Wanda, Penny, Mary, Heidi, Martha, and now, Nancy -- in their June glory. I like the fact that the Queen Elizabeth rose was planted in Queen Elizabeth's 60th Jubilee year.

I'm battling one weed in particular this summer. Horsetail fern is abundant as grass in some of my flower beds. We are gradually getting it rooted out, but it is a battle royale. The green ground cover that is in front of the red roses in this photo is the horsetail fern. Time to weed some more.

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