Monday, June 4, 2012

Miniature Roses

This is my morning to blog from out in the garden. Here are four miniature roses, the kind you sometimes see in the florist section at larger grocery stores. They are tucked in between two clumps of iris that tower over them.

The two that are budded, on the left, came from Tim and Nancy on my birthday several years ago. Pink roses, they like the lakeside garden and bloom several times a summer.

On the right are two yellow roses that I dragged back from Arizona. A bit bedraggled from their winter ordeal, they are getting used to terra firma largese.  I did some root feeding for all four when I resettled them into their eastern sunshine location for this summer. Josh Roggenbuck at Plant Farm in Bad Axe sells a really good root solution for perennials. That's what I use.

A pot of miniature roses costs $5-10 in the winter. Usually there are three plants in a pot. They are little but fun to grow.

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