Friday, June 28, 2013

Yet Another Rose, City of York

The creamy white flowers of our City of York rose greets us at just outside the mudroom door at our lake house. This rose, developed during World War II, according to "Roses For Michigan" by Nancy Lindley and Laura Peters, has occupied several locations on our property and still is not growing to its full potential. This year it is about two feet tall; it should grow to be 10-12 feet.

I've fertilized and watered and pruned. It needs to be in a new location. I'm planning a fence for around the garden with four corner posts that will have roses growing around them. There will also be a pergola at the entrance to the garden, so the City of York is slated for another transplanting, either at a rose post or at the pergola. Hopefully, it will enjoy a new garden spot and grow to its climbing possibilities.

We purchased this rose from Great Lakes Roses in Belleville, Michigan on July 5, 2008 during the last summer that they were selling roses. That's where our Dortmund roses came from, too.

I did see a City of York trained along a walkway arch at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Hamilton, Ontario in May of 2009. It wasn't blossoming yet, but the deep green foliage was attractive and, knowing what the saucer-shaped flowers would look it, I could only guess that it would be stunning when it bloomed.

By the way, "Roses For Michigan" says that City of York is named after a city in Pennsylvania.

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