Saturday, June 15, 2013

Snake Discovery

"We found a snake, a big one! Come look!"

The boys asked permission to go down to the lake after breakfast. Our rule this year is that they may go down the bluff together, but they must ask an adult before going and tell an adult when they come back. So off they went, only to return with a very excited nature report -- they found a snake on the seawall.

Back down the bluff they went, this time with Grandpa and a camera in tow. Sure enough, the snake was still there, sunning itself, and Max got a really good photo. Back in the kitchen, we compared his photo to several that we found on the internet (web searches are amazing when you have kids who are learning things fast) and determined that the snake was a Butler's garter snake, found in the midwestern states and considered an endangered species in Indiana.

Ah, the joy of boyhood -- discovering snakes at the lakeshore. Life doesn't get much better during the first week of summer.

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Wanda Hayes Eichler

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