Thursday, June 13, 2013

Down to Port Huron

We took our grandsons down to Port Huron today to watch ships along the St. Clair River and ride the Huron Lady tour boat. Sigh and alas, the tour boat does not operate during the week until "the season" and the season begins next week. So, no boat trip on the river for us.

We did eat our lunch (sandwiches, a can of shoestring potatoes, carrot sticks, Rice Krispie treats, cans of root beer) at a picnic table at Vantage Point. We saw two freighters -- the Walter J. McCarthy, a thousand footer, headed north, and a saltie or oceangoing vessel, the Eemsborg, flying the Dutch flag, headed out of the Seaway.

It was a super windy day, as you can tell by my hair in this photo. After lunch and a failed boat ride, we though, "Gee, maybe the Lightship Museum is open." The Huron, a lightship that has been converted to a museum ship is permanently grounded just south of the Blue Water Bridges. No luck. That museum isn't open yet either.

Anyway, the boys enjoyed playing in the park across from the Coast Guard Station where we did see the USCG Hollyhock at dock (sorry, no photo).

I did take this shot of the Lightship Huron and put the image through my darkroom programs. I kind of like the graphic nature of the huge "HURON" lettering as it contrasts with the lines of the ship's structure.

Our day ended up with supper outside of the A&W restaurant in Lexington. We all had root beers with our burgers, hot dog, and brat. In spite of the wind and no boat ride, a good day was had by all.

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Wanda Hayes Eichler

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