Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Little Stuff

For the fun of it, I photographed some of the little stuff that makes life easier. There's a split ring marker, the white plastic almost-circle, that knitters use to mark stitches. The open end slips through the knitting to mark a stitch. Golf tees are indispensable, almost, for most golfers. Little chunks of wood or plastic, they keep the ball ready for that first big swing on a tee box.

Jumbo paperclips hold all my paperwork together. I even throw out the little average sized ones, that's how much I favor these big clips. Office clips, this one in purple, fasten everything from potato chips to nut bags in my kitchen. Occasionally they end up used as office supplies. Most often, they are in the kitchen.

Last but not least is the glass head silk pin, my straight pin of choice for sewing and quilting. I use these little puppies, fresh out of the box and super sharp, to pin quilts into drywall, too.

All of this little stuff solves problems and makes life better.

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