Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Best Greens This Summer

What a delight it has been to walk out into the garden and pick greens this summer. My absolute favorite is this Little Gem Cos romaine that I grew from seed purchased from Jung's in Wisconsin. The heads are small, about enough for a main meal salad for one person or a side salad for two.

Dressing clings to the ruflles of the leaves. The stalks are tender and tasty. The color ranges from deep green to almost white. The plant forms a fairly tight head. I find that if I pick this lettuce carefully, I can rinse and spin it and it is ready for eating.

The seeds are tiny so I sow them carefully. Little Gem Cos grows best when it is thinned out so there is room for the small heads to develop. I have transplanted this lettuce successfully and will be planting another bed of it for fall right after Labor Day.

I wash and spin greens when I bring them in from the garden. Then I store the fresh greens in a zip top bag with a half sheet of paper towel. The towel absorbs water droplets, but keeps the humidity in the bag. Greens stored this way will often last up to a week.

I'm really going to miss this lettuce when the killing frost comes. Little Cos Gem has been the best greens of this summer.


Maple Mustard Vinagrette, a good dressing for fresh greens.

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