Thursday, September 26, 2013

Storm Clouds on Geiger Road

Giant rolls of storm clouds laid like a thick covering on the western side of Michigan's Thumb last weekend. The corn harvest is just starting so this image, taken Sunday evening on Geiger Road east of Pigeon, with the contrast of dark clouds, dusty gravel and long, stately rows of cornstalks, is a typical scene in Huron County this fall.

The sugar beet harvest is underway, dry beans are coming off the fields, and on some farms, the corn fields have been opened so that the large multi-row equipment can easily move into the fields.

There's a certain drama to the harvest season and, I do admit, this photo looks more like the late days of harvest in early November than the fair-weather-blue-skies days of September.

Copyright 2013
Wanda Hayes Eichler

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