Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Be Gone, Cobwebs

There's a fresh outlook that I see when I look out of my studio today. The cobwebs and spider parts and fly bodies and other assorted insect critters had taken over the glass and the eaves.

Looking out of the windows was a spooky experience which might be fine if it were late October and almost Halloween, but for summer days that are downsizing toward autumn, the messy windows were, well, a mess.

Out came the glass cleaner, the vinyl gloves, spray bottles, long arm brush and cleaning cloths. What I thought would be a fifteen minute job turned into most of the morning, but the view, ah the view, has clearly improved.

If some tiny fly species decides to hatch out overnight and flutter en masse against the screens (again), at least the previous nine (there might have been that many) hatches of the summer season have been removed and my view of Lake Huron might stand a chance against the insect onslaught.

Copyright 2013
Wanda Hayes Eichler

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