Friday, August 23, 2013

Matt's Alaska

Summer has its highlights and one of them, for my nephew, Matt Crapo of Marshall, Michigan, was his return, for the 11th time, to Alaska. Matt and many other young people from the Marshall area spend several weeks in Alaska, thanks to the Alaska Great Lakes Project which pairs students, starting from eighth grade and from the heartland state of Michigan, with the wilds of Alaska.

This image, suitably grabbed from Matt's Facebook pages and manipulated in my computerized darkroom, was posted to Facebook after Matt returned to the lower 48. He took along his trusty photographic equipment on this trip where he served as a driver and did lots of photography. His photos show stunning images of mountains and glaciers, of bald eagles and wildflowers, all taken with an obvious love of Alaska.

Well done, Matt. Your view of the Alaskan wilderness documents the wonderful days that you and many others from Marshall, under the watchful eye and care of educator Dale Rosene and the AGLP crew, have spent together in Alaska.

Websites for more information:

Alaska Great Lakes Project -- Begun in 1989 in response to the Exxon Valdez oil spill.
Jessie Caron Photography -- Marshall area photographer who is a veteran of the AGL Project.

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