Thursday, August 22, 2013

Garden Starts to Produce

My hailed-upon-on-August-First garden is starting to produce good stuff. For almost a week I have had to collect rotten, pock-marked tomatoes and other produce and transfer it all to a compost pile.

Today, though, there is some real produce to pick. The larger tomatoes and the undamaged cherry tomatoes are ripening.

The green bean plants were beat into the ground by the hail, their stems smashed and leaves shredded. The plants survived and I picked a few beans today. The beets were set back since their tops were shredded, too. They have bounced back and tonight I cooked four luscious red beets.

I made myself a two egg omelet tonight. Sauteed an onion, added green beans, diced into half inch chunks. Pulled the veggies aside and poured in the eggs, already fragrant with slivered basil. I let that cook a few minutes, lifting the sides and letting the runny egg move to the bottom of the pan.

Then I dropped thinly sliced kale leaves over the top, added some cheese, two kinds, provolone and romano, and covered the pan for a few minutes. I folded the omelet in half as I slid it onto a plate, sprinkled sea salt ovr the top, and enjoyed a garden supper.


The Dippe harvest basket in the photo is made in Germany and available here in the US from Landreth Seed in Pennsylvania. This wire basket is stunning with squashes in it, as a table centerpiece, and works well for picnics as well as gardening. 

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Wanda Hayes Eichler

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