Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Fall Stitches, By Hand

Don't ask me why I'm so attracted to linen and threads in the fall of the year, but that urge is hitting me again this summer. I have a few pumpkins and vines to finish on my "clear moon" sampler. I even know where I'm going to hang the finished and framed embroidery.

My mother did beautiful handwork. One of her samplers still hangs in the farmhouse where my Dad lives. I admire it and think of her everytime I see it.

I guess I like the evenness of the stitches. The needle goes down one hole and has to come up in another certain hole to make the cross stitch correctly. I'm nearsighted, so I can just take my glasses off and see the linen weave clearly. I get engrossed in the closeness of the work. Time stands still. Threads matter, and colors and needles.

At its heart, all of the stitching is a desire to use one's hands and heart to make something. In this day and age of digital this and electronic that, it just feels good to be creating something with one's own hands.

Copyright 2012
Wanda Hayes Eichler

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  1. I am behind on reading your posts, Wanda, but after seeing this one, have to comment! I too am drawn back to embroidery and needlework lately. I love the peek you've shared with us of this piece, especially the moon phases. Two of my Toddlers this year exclaim delightedly "Crescent Moon" whenever they spy a crescent shape. Very cute.