Monday, August 6, 2012

Carriage Kids

We are looking at a great wicker baby carriage and two kids in what is probably the summer of 1952. My brother Tim would be about 18 months old and sister Carla, whose birthday is today, would be a six year old (or almost six, depending on when this photo was taken that summer).

The cement steps behind Carla lead to the back entrance of Grandma Rose and Grandpa Bill's farmhouse. We entered through a structure that they called the "north eck." Eck is German for corner. The north eck was an enclosed porch that provided shelter for the back door, so the north eck was kind of a mudroom entrance to the main house.

Looking carefully I can see someone's car is just off to the right in the background. There is an outdoor chair behind Tim that I would love to have now. The carriage is old. It looks like Grandma Rose pulled my mother's baby carriage out of the machine shed or basement and let us play with it when we came to visit the farm, because it appears that Tim is much too big for the carriage.

I love the way this photo turned out. The black and white snapshot is curling, like photographs would when you torn them loose from the little books that each roll of film came back from the developer in. The deckle edge, the curl, the chemical reaction that stained the right edge -- all these details are lost in the digital age.

So, happy birthday to Carla, my only big sis. May you keep looking forward into the years, just as you are doing in this precious image from our growing up days in Wisconsin.

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Wanda Hayes Eichler

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