Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Da Brackets

The first weekend of the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament is over and my bracket sheet has been updated multiple times. I use a tablet of drawing paper -- 11" x 14" -- and try to get every single game in the entire tournament onto that one sheet of paper.

I use a pencil and eraser to squeeze in win/loss records, names of coaches, and interesting facts about the teams as they move through the tournament. This year's sheet even includes dates, times, and places for most of the games. I have a code for the CBS sports announcers, too. From Greg Gumbel to Charles Barkley, they all have their little spot in the margins of my big picture.

It is quite a challenge to see just how much information I can fit onto one sheet of paper.

Now I'm thinking about a method of getting the 162 games that the Detroit Tigers play in one season of Major League Baseball onto one sheet of paper. That would be quite something if I could manage to create a reasonable record of one baseball season.

Of course, first comes Michigan State's trip to the Final Four and beyond. Then I can think about baseball!

Blog post about last year's bracket sheet

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