Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Visiting Wisconsin Friends

What fun to catch up with Virginia Saltzman from Wisconsin and one of her daughters, Trece Saltzman Davis from Texas. We had lunch together on Monday. The conversation about schooldays in Ripon just flew around the table. Virginia spends some time in the Phoenix area each winter, so it was easy to meet.

Virginia remembered that I was baptized in Wisconsin because she grew up in the churches that my Dad was serving when I was born. I last wrote about the Greenville and Center EUB (Evangelical United Brethen) churches last October. Here is that blog post about when Mom and Dad and Ed and I visited the church where I was baptized.

Virginia grew up on a farm outside of Appleton, Wisconsin and her family went to Greenville Church. (Did I get that right? Dad will correct me, I'm sure!) She babysat my youngest sister, Martha who became became lifelong best friends with Trece.

What a small world and how wonderful to reconnect!

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Wanda Hayes Eichler


  1. Great photo - so glad you all were able to connect!!

  2. Did you ever hear about the first time I met the Saltzman's? It was when Virginia and her husband lived in Janesville. They came to a water ski show and he started talking to me, I was terrified! I told mom after the show and she just laughed and said something like "oh honey it's ok, we know them"!