Wednesday, February 18, 2015

FDAC -- Day One: Mountain Postcards

I am participating in the Five Day Art Challenge on Facebook this week. Here is the entry for Day One.

FIVE DAY ART CHALLENGE -- Day One: I have been challenged to do five days of art posts by Cathy M Winter, my Houston friend and fellow quilter. This first post illustrates my watercolor learning in the classes that I am taking at the Art Institute of the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum here in Tucson. I'm finally getting the hang of washes and glazing.
The Five Day Art Challenge (FDAC) is fairly unstructured. You do five posts on five days (not necessarily contiguous) and you "tag" someone each day so that others who are woodworkers/quilters/artists/scrapbookers get a chance to gather their thoughts and show some of their stuff.
I was "tagged" about two weeks ago and have been getting my "ducks in a row." Today I tag Pat Smith who is an art quilter.
And, as before, the first three people who send me a private message with their name and address will receive one of these three postcards.
I also want to point you to George Covintree on Facebook who is doing an excellent series of black artists for Black History Month. There is a wealth of art in George's daily posts.
And, yes, I am missing my blogging. Hopefully by the time I am through February, I will figure out just how much the blog can reappear. I'm currently enrolled in two classes -- Color Mixing (ton of homework) and Watercolor II (bending my brain again in ways I didn't know I could do.)
Stay warm, all you northern FBers. Spring will come.

DAY ONE: Spiral Sun postcard
 Washes, glazing in watercolor. Pen and ink.

Sent to Cathy Winter

DAY ONE: Road Salt postcard
 Watercolor wash, pen and ink, salt sparkles on landscape.

Sent to Barb Dell

DAY ONE: Four Ridges postcard
 Watercolor washes, blue pen, sponged edges.

Sent to Kathy Kent

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  1. My beautiful postcard arrived in today's mail -- the first full day home from QuiltCon 2015 (the Modern Quilt Conference held in Austin, Tx this past weekend). Thank you Wanda! I LOVE my new piece of your artwork!!!