Saturday, February 21, 2015

FDAC -- Day Four: Photos From Switzerland

I am participating in the Five Day Art Challenge on Facebook this week. Here is the entry for Day Four.

FIVE DAY ART CHALLENGE – Day Four: Today my focus turns toward photography, an activity that overwhelms my computer and my brain. I’ve narrowed the selection down to three photos from last May, all taken in Switzerland on the Pipedreams Tour which Ed and I have enjoyed immensely the last three years.

I used a variety of cameras on the trip. I relied on the lasting battery power of an Iphone 5. I used the Iphone’s resident camera and Camera Plus, a tidy app with an excellent stabilizer. I carried my Nikon 1 J3, a small bodied camera with interchangeable lenses. And I tucked my trusty point-and-shoot Sony Cybershot into my bag.

Each night, back at the hotel, I emptied the memory chips of the two cameras. The Iphone photos were transferred several days at a time. Because I was writing a daily blog, the photos had to be identified and catalogue, in a general listing, each day. Otherwise it would have taken hours to decipher them once we returned home.

Today, in honor of photography, I tag Kathy Kent, fellow knitter and photographer from the Thumb. Kathy’s eye for delicate color and great sense of composition will be a delight.

Again, thanks for following the Art Challenge and do take the time to peruse the Five Day Album on FB that accompanies this post.

I like the contrast of the glassy water and the velvet feathers of the swan.
The shadows on the neck and on the body would make this into a good subject for watercolor.

This photo was probably taken through a window on Swiss Rail. It really gives a great sense
of the steep side of the Alps.

Artists and craftspeople have added their talents to churches and cathedrals for centuries.
These grape leaves topped every column in a church and all of them were slightly different.

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