Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Case of the Disappearing Campaign Sign

Our Obama-Biden sign disappeared last Thursday. Displayed at the end of the farm driveway, across from our Terry Brown sign, it was just plain gone when the sun came up.

"Aha! I bet the garbage guys took it, or kids, driving around and looking for something to do." That's what my brain thought up. It was a windy day, however, and I also realized that it could be caught in one of the ditches along Geiger Road, either east or west of the farm.

I hunted for the sign. So did Ed. No sign of the sign.

"Better stop by Dem headquarters in Bad Axe and pick up a few more," Ed said, contemplating that if we lost one sign, then, surely, we would be bound to lose several more before the election.

One thing led to another and when I rolled past Dem headquarters on Monday it was too early for anyone to be staffing the office.

On Monday evening, the sign reappeared. Ed found it -- at his Rotary Club -- and he had to pay the usual Rotary fun-fine to get the sign back.

It seems that a certain Pigeon Rotarian (who resembles the superintendent of the Laker School District) was out walking and spotted the sign. Guessing who the Democrats in the neighborhood might be, this Rotarian nabbed the sign and hauled it into club meeting at noon on Monday. Both Rotarians were fined for their participation in the great sign swap.

Our driveway is once again Obama-ed and Brown-ed.

Let the campaign continue.

Copyright 2012
Wanda Hayes Eichler


  1. What a breath of fresh air in this polarized political climate. Friends playing jokes on friends. A great way to start the day, especially after the late night of a Tigers win.

  2. Here's another chunk of fresh air. Consider the fact that we have the freedom to display campaign signs as a part of our right to free speech. Wow. Can't take that for granted.

    And one more light-hearted cool thing about campaign signs. During campaigns it is always easy to turn into the farm at night, 'cause we put signs on both sides of the driveway!

    Ah, America the Beautiful. We are lucky people.

    Thanks for reading Willow!