Thursday, January 1, 2015

Stepping Back

Willow Blog is about to take another big step. I'm thinking about my digital life as a very crowded room with lots of screens. Mobiles. Laptops. Desktops. Tablets. Facebook accounts and Twitter accounts. Well, anyway, I'm ready to step to the back of the room and lean against the wall for a while.

So, as of January 1, 2015, Willow Blog will be published once a week, probably toward the end of the week. I am finding that I could use some extra time and I know that I can gain it by four less deadlines per week.

"Deadlines!" you say. "But, gee, you are only writing a blog!"

And that is true. It is just a blog. But even a blog with short paragraphs requires careful writing and editing. And, as those of you who follow the blog know, there is always the photography. Each photo takes a minimum amount of time. All of that is time that I am planning to use in another way.

Some of those "other ways" will become more apparent as the year moves ahead, but for now, dear readers, know that I am writing and photographing and sketching and gardening and knitting and, yes, reading, as those minutes become a gift that I am giving to myself in the new year.

As always, thank you, thank you for reading. Your enjoyment and comments have been a huge boost to me.

Happy New Year, from under the Willow that shades us all.


  1. This decision makes complete sense to me, Wanda. You're correct, quality blogging takes time. Enjoy the time! And thank you for the many wonderful posts of the past years.

  2. Thanks, Heidi. I'm looking forward to the free time and am hoping to do more essay type blog posts. For now, it will be a way of easing up on the daily grind. Thank you for following! WJ

  3. Will miss reading your blog but totally understand. Looking forward to the next chapter in our lives. Wishing you the best in whatever comes next.

  4. As always I enjoy your writings, whether they are daily or weekly, or the ones that I read at the historical society in old copies of the Progress Advance/Newsweekly. You have a gift of putting paper to pen and magic happens. Enjoy your gift to yourself... time... so precious and fleeting. *U* Kathleen

  5. I certainly understand, and I agree with your decision (not that you needed my approval, hehe.) After all, you started writing for a weekly 'way back when. I think once a week is a natural rhythm for most of us anyway.

    I always remember the wise words of longtime Tuscola County Advertiser Publisher Rudy Petzold, when asked why he didn't take his paper to become a daily years ago: "I'd rather put out one or two good issues than six or seven mediocre ones." Today, nearly all the former dailies now put out fewer issues, but that's another story (and another blog for sure.)

    Have no fear, WJE, your readers will appreciate your writings even more, like a fine wine. Best always for a wonderful 2015.

    From Mark and Sally Rummel (still communications people at heart)