Thursday, September 25, 2014

Navajo Hubbard Squash Harvest

The first winter squash are coming out of the garden this week. Ed picked this batch of Navajo Hubbard squashes yesterday. Cleaned up and under cover in the machine shed where they can cure, this is a fine looking bunch of squash.

The biggest one weighs over 14 pounds, so we are probably looking at close to a hundred pounds of squash here. I had estimated that the squash plants would produce 150 pounds this year. Now it looks like it will be closer to 200 pounds.

We bought the seeds for the Navajo Gray Hubbards in Tucson from Native Seeds/Search where we are members. Native Seeds has a high elevation farm near Patagonia, Arizona, so some of their seeds are grown in a cooler climate. I figured that these squash might do okay in Michigan, given our very hot July and August weather.

Now I can't wait to chop one of these guys open (we will need to use an axe) and see what they taste like. I'm thinking meat loaf with a spicy piquant sauce (brown sugar, mustard, catsup), roasted squash tossed in olive oil and garlic, and some parsley buttered potatoes. Mmmmm.


  1. We did, but have not planted any this year. Kind of a cold spring and some of the garden is not it yet. At this point I will save the seed for next year.

  2. Is it possible if you can send me some seeds? Please. :)

  3. Hi LeAnn, Yes, I would be happy to send you some seed. Why don't you use my knitting email,, to send me you address? That would be more private than putting the address in the comments here. I'll watch for an email from you.

    How much seed can you use? I have at least a half cup, maybe 50-70 seeds.

    Hope to hear from you!